AVADAR TRANSATLANTIC is a government affairs consultancy and business advisory firm with offices in Athens and New York.

In a period of volatile socio-economic changes, changing threats, emerging regional orders and geopolitical instability, any organization’s survival and development is linked directly to its capacity to understand realities and harness every available means to impact them.

In Avadar, we assist governments, corporations and non governmental organisations to navigate a complex global landscape, combining evidence-based analysis and a powerful network across Europe, the US and the Middle East.

In Avadar, we safeguard our clients’ interests, building solid relations with key stakeholders, whether it is investors, political leaders or key decision makers in the national and international level.

We link business and politics to support our clients reach the necessary networks to maximise their capacities.

In AVADAR TRANSATLANTIC, we secure that our clients achieve their strategic objectives in a world of structural disruption.