In a global business environment, ventures are affected by the capacity to navigate complex government environments, regulatory policies and bureaucratic mechanisms.

Avadar provides insights on current trends and foresights on future policies that will affect our clients’ profits.

We ensure that your business interests are propelled through integrated campaigns involving political connecting, coalition building, powerful lobbying and deterrence of conflicted interests.

In Avadar, your message will be reflected to the right people, at the right moment.


At AVADAR, we focus on strategic thinking. We help governments and corporations perceive, analyze and move forward based on forward-looking and innovative perspective.

Both on an organization level and on individual level for politicians and C-Suite executives, reputation management is one of the most valuable tools in order to maximise their impact and facilitate the fulfilment of their objectives.

We help our clients safeguard their profile and enhance their credibility, capturing strategic audiences.

Using our wide network in government and policymakers, media and the private sector, we develop bespoke campaigns and act proactively.


In AVADAR, we see successful events as the foremost means of true communication between a corporation and its key audience.

We specialize in organizing exclusive convenings that bring about influence.

In AVADAR, we design and implement bespoke executive roundtable discussions, networking receptions and Chatham House rule-based events, aiming to create lasting partnerships among the private and the public sector.


In AVADAR, we have been advising clients in Europe, the United States and the Middle East in getting their fundraising goals achieved. We have huge experience in managing every aspect of campaign and non-profit fundraising programs including major donor outreach, elections fundraising, fundraising events.

Using our exclusive network of donors with a track record of contributing to candidates and causes, our fundraising team will design and execute the major donor outreach program that suits you or your organisation.

In AVADAR, we practice fundraising that gets you results either in the domestic or the international level.


In our globalized world, decisions made in Washington, D.C. and Brussels by a small conclave of officials is growingly affecting governments and corporations in the global level.

In AVADAR, we assist our clients steer a complex and closed world that has a significant impact on their strategic planning.

In AVADAR, we secure that your voice is heard in an orchestrated way to key people that can promote your interests in unprecedented extent.

Our experience working with corporations, institutions and high-level government officials in the US and the European Union could be defining for the success of your ventures.